Island Bound (© Elaine Crowe 2016)

Filmed at extreme north, south, east and west locations in Ireland, Island Bound is a multi-video installation that explores physical limits and natural boundaries through the action of walking. It was originally projected onto four separate walls, one for each location: north, south, east and west (NCAD, Dublin, 2016). It has also been exhibited as a single split-screen video installation (126 Gallery, Galway, 2016).

Installation of Island Bound (NCAD, Dublin, 2016)

Installation of Island Bound (126 Gallery, Galway, 2016)

Island Bound  (for Depth submission, 2018)

video stills: testimonies 

west: single video part of multi-video installation for Depth submission 2018

wall text:

Between 1 January and 31 August 2018, 84300 refugees and migrants arrived by sea via three Mediterranean routes to Europe. (UNHCR, 2018)



So far in 2018, 1550 people have died or gone missing while trying to reach Europe by sea. (UNHCR, 2018)